How to use Dermaplaning Cerazor.

Very important: in order for Dermaplaning Cerazor to function perfectly, the skin must be clean during application. It should be kept slightly moist during application using clean, warm water. Make sure that the skin does become too dry. Also avoid shaving foam, gel, cream, or similar products.

All you have to do is slide the blade head of the Dermaplaning Cerazor over your skin. The application is safe and simple! You don’t have to pay attention to the correct position or angle of the blades, nor do you have to fear injury which can be the case for unsecured dermaplaning scalpels.

It is best to systematically work the face from top to bottom and from left to right (or vice versa). Treat a small area of the face (about 3 x 3 cm) at a time. Moisten the skin with water, pull it tightly with your fingers, and let the Dermaplaning Cerazor glide over your skin in a fluid movement and with slight pressure.

Perform several passages in succession until you have achieved the desired peeling result (please consult the intensity table). Then rinse the Dermaplaning Cerazor briefly under running water and move to the next area of your face. Of course, you can treat some areas more intensively than others. With the Dermaplaning Cerazor, dermaplaning is very easy!

Intensity table:

Intensity Passages
Very light 1
Light 2 – 3
Moderate 4 – 6
Intensive 7 – 9
Very intensive > 9

Use Steps:

1. Clean your face thoroughly.
2. Important! Moisten a 3 x 3 cm area of the face with pure water. Do not use cream, foam, or gel.
3. Perform dermaplaning with the Cerazor on this moistened area until the desired intensity of the peeling is reached (refer to the intensity table).
4. Rinse the Dermaplaning Cerazor with water and repeat steps 2 and 3 in other areas of the face until you are satisfied with the overall result.
5. After dermaplaning, treat your skin with a facial product like a natural moisturizer.


Note: Dermaplaning with the Cerazor is very effective. Please, start with only a few passages: one or two passages are usually sufficient at the beginning! Observe how your skin feels. If you feel like you need a stronger peeling effect, you can do additional passages. Over time you will figure out exactly what peeling intensity is optimal for your skin. As with any other peeling method, reddening of the skin can occur at higher intensities, but this usually disappears quickly. Dermaplaning with the Cerazor has the advantage that you can decide for yourself how much of the outermost skin layer you want to remove and also that you can stop using it before redness occurs.

Important: Peeling is stressful for the skin because the renewal of the worn-out skin, i. e. skin regeneration, consumes a lot of energy. Therefore, you should not carry out face peeling methods, including dermaplaning, more often than once a week. In case of dry or sensitive skin, we recommend limiting the treatments to once a month.

We recommend that you perform dermaplaning after a warm shower, as the skin is not only cleansed but is also soft and well prepared for exfoliation. Of course, it is not necessary to take a shower each time before application of the Dermaplaning Cerazor: you can also simply remove your make-up, cleanse your face with your favourite product and rinse with water.

Follow-up treatment: After dermaplaning, the skin is free from dead skin cells. This makes it easier for skin care products to penetrate deeper into the inner layers of the skin and to maximize their full effect.


Thoroughly clean your Dermaplaning Cerazor with water. Dry and store it in a protected place. Protect the Dermaplaning Cerazor from any kind of pressure which could break the ceramic blades.


Carefully read the instructions before using the Dermaplaning Cerazor.
Always observe the intensity table and start with only a few passages.
The results will depend on your individual skin type and can therefore vary.
Repeat dermaplaning no more than once a week; for dry or sensitive skin: no more than once a month.
Thoroughly clean and dry the Dermaplaning Cerazor after each use.
Protect Dermaplaning Cerazor from impacts or excessive pressure which could break the ceramic blades and/or cause injury.